Text advertising may seem the least attractive parts of online advertising concepts. However, text ads are often the most effective ads in Google Ads or Sklik accounts. The eye-catching ad texts based on keyword analysis will get you results relatively quickly.

What does such a text ad look like and work?

As the name implies, these ads appear without graphic elements. They consist only of headings, captions, and display URLs. Ads can be expanded with labels, links to other subpages, phone numbers and other attractive options.

These ads appear on both Google search results and Seznam.cz plus on their partner websites and also the content network. Your ads will eventually appear in the top 4 positions on the search results.

Text ad on Google

Text ad on Seznam

Why is it necessary to connect with PPC specialists/agencies when it comes to Text Ads?

To be successful in search results, you need to play by the rules & have your campaigns properly set up and optimized regularly.

How do PPC specialists work when creating a Text Ad?

  • understanding client´s aims and learning about the project
  • analyzes the client’s direct competition (what ads they produce, what keywords they use, etc.)
  • creates an analysis of keywords suitable for usage in ads campaigns suggests the structure of search campaigns
  • writes commercial texts based on keyword analysis
  • creates the ad campaigns themselves
  • regular check and optimization


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