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Social media marketing for companies and entrepreneurs

Social media marketing is currently one of the cheapest and most effective marketing solutions.

Using tools such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn will help grow your company’s image publicly. At the same time, you will get in touch with your targeted audience and potentially trade your products or services effectively. Last but not least, social networks are an ideal platform for creating engagement with a new community.

Is social media marketing suitable for your business?

Social media remains unquestionably a huge marketing tool; almost every company or entrepreneur already owns a profile. However, these platforms aren’t suitable for all types of businesses. Therefore, we always suggest only those platforms that your business will benefit from in the long run.

We take care of the following:

  • Social media analysis

At the beginning of every partnership, we dedicate time to understand the client’s goals, products, services and overall brand concept. In addition, we create an analysis based on current data and social media performance so we can develop an effective strategy and business plan.

  • Marketing strategy

We create a customized marketing strategy for your business’s needs. Starting by defining the audience on social platforms, selecting the right solution for presenting your brand, setting the „tone of voice“, preparing suitable ad campaigns, setting goals and performance metrics, so we can afterwards evaluate the success of every campaign individually.

  • Creating new accounts or modifying existing ones

If you do not have any social media account created to represent your brand yet, we are more than happy to help design one! Using our step by step guide, you will see a positive impact immediately. If you already have one, we will do some adjustments and additional editing for the best performance possible.

  • Valuable content

Our strategy is to make valuable content that is beneficial for both your fans and your business. We know that engagement and a sense of community is crucial. That perfectly works, especially for the presentation on social platforms. Increasing the reach of each post will bring new fans and keep the existing ones coming back.

  • Social media advertisement

Managing successful ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn require experience, business sense and excellent knowledge. Our team of experts is the best choice; we run multiple thriving campaigns with a properly targeted audience and a clearly defined goal to bring you the best results.

  • Monitoring evaluation and reporting

Evaluation, regular analyzing and reporting are the essential parts of social media marketing. Therefore, every month we prepare detailed reports and provide relevant data to see the results. Do not worry; we will get you through all the little details to better understand how successful the plan performed.

Why choose us?

  • Ownership mindset

The ownership mindset ensures that we can perceive your business ideology and make sure your goals and product delivery steer in the same direction. We don’t consider only the marketing viewpoint; instead, we always connect the dots along the line and develop the best results specifically for your brand.

  • Tailored strategies

We do not offer pre-arranged service packages like other social media agencies. Instead, we create a unique strategy specifically for your brand and provide services based on your needs.

  • Team support

Partnership with us means the support of each member of our team. We are proud to have qualified SEO & PPC specialists, experts working with performance campaigns and social networking, sales and e-mail marketing professionals, graphic designers, creative workers, copywriters, and skilled developers. Our solutions are complex as each team member, and therefore is every project teamwork.

  • Regular education

As a dynamically growing agency, we continuously keep up with trends and advance via excessive education to maintain development and deliver the best results possible.

How does it work?


 Discussion first

Let’s talk it through. First, we would like to get to know you and your brand a little bit better. Then, we are ready to discuss your current situation, expectations, goals, and other details we need to arrange beforehand.


Non-binding customized proposal

After the first meeting and discussion, we will create a non-binding customized proposal for you, including a business plan, suggested services, hourly range and price list.


Work mode ON

All agreements & conditions check; after signing the final contract together, we are ready to skyrocket your business!

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