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Audit of PPC campaigns

  • Not sure if your campaigns are set up correctly?
  • Do you get the most out of your campaigns?
  • Looking for a different strategic perspective?
  • Do you have room for improvement and growth when it comes to campaigns?

What is a PPC audit?

PPC audit or advertising analysis is used to determine if there is potential in your campaigns. This analysis also determines how it could be optimized to get a better return on investment.

PPC is not only about advertising on Google, but actually on any advertising system that works on the principle of „pay per click“. These can be, for example, advertisements on social media platforms, stock comparators, Sklik, Favi, Biano and many others.

Is it suitable for your business?

PPC audit is suitable for everybody using some kind of online advertising methods. Such as e-shops, various service providers, startups with B2C or B2B clients.

Fenomenal benefits Of PPC audits

  • Ensures everything is working correctly
  • Return on investment and prevents wasteful spendings
  • Helps with analytical skills

We prepare the advertisement analysis upfront so it is available for you at any time during the partnership. The analysis will be prepared by superior specialists who have successfully launched hundreds of campaigns.

PPC audits, easy 4 step check-list

  • Technical settings and measurements

We’ll find out if the metrics and all conversions are properly connected to your website (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more). For example, in the e-shop, we will see if you measure the value of the order without VAT and shipping. For services, we will focus on measuring demand/contacts or any micro-conversions that will help us better analyze PPC campaigns and evaluate.

  • Campaign correction and further editing

We’ll check to see if your campaigns are set up correctly. These may include language, location, audience, and other extensions that the settings offer. We will also look at the performance of campaigns for which the setting of PPC campaigns is essential and reduce your expenses when connected properly.

  • Ad account activity and optimization

Let’s see how the account is handled and what optimization methods are used. We’ll check the relevance of your keywords, which campaigns perform the best, the volume of visitors to your website and the rate or duration of potential customers on the web. Next, we’ll look at keyword matches, limited campaigns due to budget, targeted audiences, and more.

  • PPC analysis & competition overview

We evaluate based on tools from which the competition receives traffic. We’ll also analyze your competitors‘ targeted audience, including the keywords they’re using. You will get an overview of the Ad performance that you are currently running and so much more.

How do we proceed with the PPC audit?


We will find out your detailed information
about the business and main objectives


Based on the information, we will start an audit
of the given advertising systems


We will perform a technical review
of the campaigns


Afterwards, we will prepare an overall evaluation
and suggestions

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