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So you run an e-shop and try to choose suitable marketing tools specifically for your business? Make sure you won’t forget about product comparators, as huge as Heureka.cz on the Czech market.

Heureka.cz is the best known and most used comparator of products in the Czech Republic and also in Slovakia. It is a high conversion online marketing tool that allows you to promote your products in a truly effective way.

Advantages of Heureka advertising

  • Heureka advertising is successful since it functions as a catalogue of products, where the customer finds all needed info about a certain item and at the same time can compare offers.
  • Before clicking on the ad, the customer finds out what the product looks like, how much it costs, what are the basic specifics and evaluation of the product.
  • The moment a customer clicks on your Heureka website, it is very likely that they are at a more advanced stage of the purchasing process, so a higher chance of completing a conversion action can be expected.
  • As with other online tools, with the help of Heureka we can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

What can we do for you as part of the Heureka

  • We will create an account if you do not already have one, and we will set everything up properly. If you have already created an account, we will
    perform its audit.
  • We will check the XLM feed, or we can edit it ourselves using the Mergado tool.
  • We match your items into the right categories and filters according to the parameters of Heureka.
  • Bidding at the level of individual products and categories is assured.
  • It wouldn’t be possible without regular optimization.
  • We will report the results of our work to you monthly so you stay always well informed and updated.

Why choose us over the competition when it comes
to Heureka advertising?

  • We are an experienced team of experts.
  • We use the Mergado tool to manage the XML Feed, reducing the need for IT team support.
  • We have worked with many different types of clients running businesses in diverse industries.
  • We have experience with B2B and B2C business segments.
  • Cooperating with us, you get more than just properly managed PPC campaigns. You will get the support of our entire team, whether it comes to SEO, UX or social networks. We believe that teamwork makes dream work.
  • Education and testing is a huge part of our job as well.

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