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Advertising on Google – how to be seen on the Internet

PPC advertising („pay per click“), works only when potential customers can easily reach your website. There are several tools for creating successful ads, that are particularly designed for certain search engines.

Google advertising is a great way to make your brand visible on the Internet. You can promote your services or products directly on Google search engine or content to its partner’s websites, such as YouTube, G-Mail, or Google purchases.

To get the conversions you desire, it’s crucial to be able to set up and optimize your campaigns effectively. To do so, you will need the help of a qualified PPC specialist.

Most valuable benefits of PPC advertising in Google Ads:

  • PPC ads reach targeted audiences.
  • PPC ads provide instant traffic.
  • PPC ads drive hot leads.
  • PPC ads lead to positive ROI.
  • PPC user data helps your SEO strategy.
  • PPC ads don’t depend on algorithm changes.
  • PPC ads offer multi-layered targeting options.

What do we offer to boost your business immediately?

Creating accounts in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center

Besides, signing up into the profiles we make sure all is well set up, connected correctly and it works in excellent order.

Audit of an existing account

If you already have an account we make sure it is running properly and your ad campaigns in Google Ads work as they should.

Creating an advertising strategy

Based on all available information and data that we obtain from you at the beginning of the cooperation, we will create a suitable advertising strategy, thanks to which we will move your business one step further. During the cooperation, we will adjust the strategy in union with the data that we obtain from running campaigns.

Creating of advertising campaigns

We will create and launch new advertising campaigns based on your needs and goals. We have a wide range of experiences with numerous business projects.

What campaigns do we most frequently design for our clients?

  • Search engine campaigns

Standard promotional texts that appear based on search inquiries related to a particular keyword.

  • Display campaigns

The Google Display Network can help you reach people with targeted Display ads while they’re browsing their favourite websites, showing a friend a YouTube video, checking their Gmail account, or using mobile devices and apps.

  • Remarketing

It is an excellent marketing tool that will help you reach back customers who visited your website or e-shop but did not complete the purchase.

  • YouTube campaigns (video ads)

Video campaigns allow you to reach and engage with your audience on YouTube and through Google video partners. When you create a video campaign, you can choose from different campaign goals, campaign subtypes, and ad formats that tell people about your products and services and get them to take action.

Optimization and regular management of campaigns

Running your campaigns properly is half of the success. We’ll optimize each campaign regularly to achieve the best possible results. We will turn the investments into profits!

Analysing your competition

Everyone should know their competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, The same goes for advertising campaigns. We monitor your competition in advertising too, therefore, we keep your business always one step ahead!

Evaluation and regular reporting

At the end of each month, we present the gained results, opportunities for improvement and evaluate all achievements.

Why choose us over the competition when it comes
to campaigns in Google Ads?

  • We dispose of a wide range of experiences and clients prospering in different business areas.
  • We have experience with B2B and B2C business segments.
  • We have already created hundreds of successful campaigns for our clients.
  • Cooperating with us, you get more than just properly managed PPC campaigns. You will get the support of our entire team, whether it comes to SEO, UX or social networks. We believe that teamwork makes dream work.
  • Education and testing is a huge part of our job as well.

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