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Facebook advertising is a highly effective marketing tool, by using a clever strategy you can achieve great business goals on a budget and most importantly reach potential customers or remind yourself of existing ones.

However, marketing on Facebook is not that easy, especially for beginners, therefore we get you through this process quickly and efficiently to bring you the best results possible.

Why do you need Facebook for your business?

Facebook is one of the most used networks in the world, so it is more than likely that your targeted audience is already there. Using Facebook advertisements, you can create a perfect bond with customers, strengthen your brand awareness and last but not least, promote your services or products.

How does it work?

PPC advertising on Facebook is already used by so many companies that it is quite difficult for such a huge competition to succeed. So you’re wondering how to convince your customers to buy? We create a complete marketing guide, which will help in both areas in the paid promotion and overall performance on this platform.

Starting from a scratch – creating a business profile

If you don’t have a company profile on Facebook yet, we will be happy to take care of it. If you already have one, we will set what is needed to skyrocket your business immediately!

Business Manager establishment

Here we will proceed as in the previous step. If you don’t have a BM yet, we’ll happily set it up for you, download it, create an ad account, set up billing details, limits, conversion trackings, automatic rules, and help you implement Facebook Pixel on your website!

A promotion strategy is a MUST

Based on all available information and data that you provide at the beginning of our partnership, we will be ready to manage a suitable advertising strategy that will stimulate your business. During the partnership, we will always do adjustments based on actual data.

Campaign creation

We create and advertising campaigns based on your business’s needs and aims. Campaigns that we produce most frequently?

  • brand campaigns to promote and strengthen its position in the market
  • performance campaigns to increase sales
  • campaigns to promote contributions and increase their impact
  • acquisition campaigns to bring new fans or customers to the website
  • campaigns to download and install the application
  • campaigns to generate leads, such as your customers‘ emails
  • promotion of organized events
  • campaigns to bring customers to your actual shop
  • remarketing campaigns to get back to customers who have already visited your website

Optimization and campaign´s management

Running campaigns properly is only half of the battle. We’ll optimize each campaign on a regular basis to achieve the best possible results. With us, you turn the investment into a profit!

Competition analysis

To know the competition is crucial, the same applies to ads on social media platforms. We track your competitors and map their methods so we can always be one step ahead.

Evaluation and regular reporting

At the end of each month, we will deliver a complete analysis plus a detailed report for you, so you will stay perfectly informed all the way along with us!

Why choose us over the competition when it comes to Facebook Ads?

  • We dispose of a wide range of experiences and clients prospering in different business areas.
  • We have experience with B2B and B2C business segments.
  • We have already created hundreds of successful campaigns for our clients.
  • We think it through and that always counts.
  • We believe that teamwork makes dream work.
  • Education and testing is a huge part of our work

What can we do for you as part of a content strategy on Facebook?

Equally important as a presentation on Facebook is the content you actually share with your audience…
Struggling to keep the attention of your fans? Have zero communication skills? Leave it to professionals and save yourself some precious time!


content strategy

Using optimal content strategy, fans will recognise you easily and come back to you over and over again.


Planning &

We take good care of both planning and producing the creative content your business need to succeed.


Let’s set the right
communication straight away

We will set for all your platforms an appropriate and unified tone of voice in communication.


We are

Interaction with your fans on a daily basis
is a priority for us.


We work on the future
outlook of your brand

We will continuously create engagement and establish
the community around your brand.

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