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Who are we?

An enthusiastic team of qualified experts succeeding in the field of
digital marketing and performance campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to become a perfect match for business partners and meet their
professional aims and visions. Clients appreciate our efficient communication, excellent time management and individual approach.

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Gained the know-how through practical experience

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we can perfectly fit into your shoes. We have developed several successful business projects of our own
(Pure rituals), applying personal marketing tools, expertise and skill.
It is essential to treat our client’s budget precisely and effectively. We evaluate all possible risks based on practical experience far before entering a partnership, so you know where you stand with us.

Maintaining steady business commitments

A good partnership is beneficial to both the agency and the client. We respect your needs, and that is why we always design a tailored solution for your particular demands and provide sustainable support all along the journey!

Not here to sell quick solutions that won’t bring you lasting results.
What sets AVEDEO digital agency apart is a relentless focus on goals, forecasting, innovative strategy and customer success. Unlike the others, we certainly don’t rush either force anything; instead, once we team up with you, there is room only for mutual growth and expansion.

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The results speak for themselves

As the performance on the Internet is well measurable, we have
mapped the fruits of our work. The same we will deliver to your venue, no assumptions & hypotheses BUT reliable data, objective analysis, and accurate measurements that will securely backup your overall business performance.

From Ostrava to the entire world 

Our company is initially based in Ostrava as the team of our specialists come mainly from this region. However, we cover the whole range of clients all around the Czech Republic, quickly expanding

Many successful campaigns throughout the globe already strengthen our know-how. You can spot our movements in Slovakia, England, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Belgium & the USA.

Passion for marketing is an essential tool for each member of our crew, and so we choose the new-joiners very carefully. Steve Jobs once said – “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”, and we can’t agree more!

As a dynamically growing agency, we continuously keep up with trends and advance via excessive education to maintain development and deliver the best results possible. To ensure great performance
and functionality, multiple figures must stand behind the process. In the AVEDEO digital agency, each team member specializes in a particular marketing area and provides additional skill.

We are proud to have qualified SEO & PPC specialists, experts working with performance campaigns and social networking, sales and e-mail marketing professionals, graphic designers, creative workers,
copywriters, and skilled developers. There is power in teamwork!

Teambuilding v prirode

Our team

Vladimir Duzik

Vladimír Dužík

CEO & Chief Sales Officer

Daniel kovalcik

Daniel Kovalčík

Head of SEO & Co-owner

Filip Tabacek

Filip Tabáček

Head of PPC & Co-owner

Miroslav Neceda

Miroslav Nečeda

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-owner

Katerina Rajdusova

Kateřina Rajdusová

Project manager

Barbora Zemkova

Barbora Zemková

SEO specialist & link builder

Martin Ondrejka

Martin Ondrejka

SEO specialist & link builder

Ivana Osickova

Ivana Osičková

PPC specialist

Lukas Gvuzd

Lukáš Gvuzd

PPC specialist

Natalie Gorgosova

Natálie Gorgošová

Social media specialist

Jan Kovalcik

Jan Kovalčík

Social media specialist

Michael Kopriva

Michael Kopřiva

Sales specialist

Radoslav Vybiral

Radoslav Vybíral

Sales specialist

Petr Liberda

Petr Liberda

Graphic designer

Patrik Seidl

Patrik Seidl

Graphic designer

Fahad Almohmmed

Fahad Almohmmed

Business development

Team Building Activities

Skyrocket your business with us


Keyword analysis

A keyword analysis is an essential part of any SEO strategy. However, identifying which keywords and phrases work for your website is not enough — we analyse keywords to find where valuable opportunities lie.


Strategy building

By defining your business goals and keyword analysis, we will prepare an effective strategy for the most eminent return on investment.


ON-page optimization

We will set up and optimize the website so the search engine will work in your order and the potential customers will easily reach you.


Content creation

SEO is closely linked to content marketing and the production of quality content. We create content that generates new customers and adds value.


Sophisticated link building

By formulating advanced link building methods, there is an excellent opportunity to spread brand
awareness & increase traffic to your website.


Power of measurements and reports

Effective mapping of what works and what doesn’t specifically for your brand
is an absolute MUST. Relying on subjective judgements is a risky business, especially in this industry. Therefore we deliver accurate measurements & data that will serve your progress.

Our clients

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