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SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to making your website visible in search results. It will increase the natural traffic of the online store, and so the number of orders.

E-shop optimization ensures that your site appears in the top positions in natural search results. As a result, more relevant visitors will reach the website, which means:

  • increase in brand awareness,
  • increase in engagement with a targeted audience,
  • increase in orders.

Improve your online store and gain advantages over your competition!

Although most online store owners have heard of SEO, still thousands of them have no idea how to use such tools properly and benefit from them. That’s why now is the perfect time to take an interest in SEO for e-shops and overtake everyone who has fallen asleep to this opportunity. A high
percentage of purchases are made online nowadays. Do not miss the chance to appear on the first page of search results.

The best e-commerce SEO strategy includes:

  • Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching for
  • Site architecture based on your keyword research.
  • On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content.
  • Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently.

We offer complete services including:

  • SEO analysis for e-shops
  • Keyword analysis
  • Web structure
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Content creation
  • Link-building

Why choose us over the competition when it comes to SEO for e-shops?

  • We have a wide range of experience with the optimization of e-shops. We have worked likewise with large e-shops with thousands of items, as well as on smaller projects.
  • We constantly educate ourselves, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and what was right to do a year ago might have changed since then.
  • You decide how much you want to be involved in the process. We will be happy to show you our know-how, however, in case you are too busy, we will take care of it. We will suggest corrections, ensure high-quality texts and additional content, we will communicate with your programmer and we will update you in monthly reports.

Individual steps of our cooperation:


 Getting to know you, your goals and the philosophy behind your brand


Keyword analysis


Website structuring, content and strategy planning


Website optimization and producing relevant content


Creating meaningful link-building and strengthening the administration of the website


Monitoring achieved results

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We will find out what and how your competition is doing and prepare suggestions that will help you boost your business immediately.




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    Case studies

    Take a look at our case studies and the results of the projects we are working on.

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